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Public Health, Health Services Research and Health Technology Assessment

Department Mission

The mission of the Department is to advance the health of individuals and the public through excellence in education, interdisciplinary research, and global communication.










HTADS Continuing Education Program

The HTADS program comprises four certified courses with excellent quality education and comprehensive training in the key issues of HTA and DS.

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Join the Academic mobility program at UMIT and combine scientific education with an extraordinary working & leisure environment! Click here for more information.

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HTA is a rather new discipline of direct importance for clinicians, public health care and pharmaceutical companies, providing standardized decision making and evaluation tools. Click here for more...

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SMDM - Society for Medical Decision Making

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As education is a main concern of GMDS, it has published a national strategic plan for education in medical informatics as well as for medical biometry.

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Arbeitsgruppe Erhebung und Nutzung von Sekundärdaten (AGENS). Hier finden Sie weitere Infos...

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The 1st Annual Meeting of the Austrian Network for Evidence Based Medicine - a non-profit organisation for the advancement of health care - was held at UMIT

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Mag. phil. Elisabeth Havasi
Executive Assistant
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Heidi Bielowski
Department Assistant
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