public health, medical decision making and hta


Suggested Thesis Topics for Master and Bachelor Students


  • Consideration of Out-of-Pocket Payments in Health Economic Evaluations: An International Assessment.
  • Consideration of the "Hawthorne Effect" in Compliance Research: Literature Review and Methodological Consequences.
  • "Best Available Evidence": Genealogy of the Term; Range of Interpretations; Current Status.
  • Randomized Pragmatic Studies conducted in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland: Status and Conclusions.
  • Comparison of Selected HTA Methods: Austria, Germany, UK (other countries possible).
  • Health Technology Assessment of Public Health Interventions.
  • Personalized Medicine in Breast Cancer.
  • Personalized Medicine in Prostate Cancer.
  • Personalized Medicine in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia.
  • Mercury as a Health Hazard: Evaluation of Data from Environmental Epidemiological Field Studies.



  • Literature review: Climate change and children's health.